My name is Grzegorz Wawrzonek and I am the owner of a tree nursery, situated in Zasów in podkarpackie voivodship. I have worked in this sector for over 14 years as it is a continuation of family tradition. In my tree farm you will find a wide range of fruit trees and shrubs in very attractive prices. I offer the highest quality certified material of CAC and VV categories, as well as generative and vegetative rootstocks.

     My tree farm develops gradually, increasing the output and assortment due to the changing demand both on Polish and foreign markets. The goods I produce are sold in the domestic market as well as exported abroad, therefore I am able to establish cooperation with recipients from the whole Europe. I take orders with the possibility of shield budding on customer’s individual wish, moreover I always provide my support in selection of trees and professional advice on planting and care. I am able to meet constantly  growing requirements imposed by the market, in order to ensure the highest quality of trees.